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Engagement Photo Session for FREE (original price $400)



Premier Photo & Video Production NYC

We are a New-York based Photo & Video Production with over two decades in business. Specializing in engagements, weddings, birthdays, and portraits, we strive to achieve the highest rate in customer satisfaction through our work, vision and aesthetics. We use the latest industry standard equipment to create and produce timeless photos and videos and implement an exceptional and proficient approach to each event.

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Your memories should be unforgettable starting from scratch; Therefore we are here for the consultation, brainstorming, scripting and choosing the style of your videos, photos, and high-quality albums.

We will take care of documenting the memories of your special day whilst you keep enjoying your authentic love and natural emotions without stressing out about technical details.

It’s your day, we are here to let you relax! Prolux Production is a team of hand-selected professionals who offer brooklyn wedding photographer and videographer packages. The team has a lifelong passion for capturing natural, unique, and not-posed wedding images.

We feel a deep-seated appreciation for the love, connection and family values that we aim to reflect in our work. We are absolutely delighted to offer customized wedding photographer costs to respond to the specific desires of each happy couple. See our Reasonable Wedding Videographer package.



Being a company specialized on Brooklyn Weddings Photography and other special life events made us more skillful at catching the most precious details of your happy day!

The professionalism is our obligation but it comes with the bonus of enthusiasm as a beautifully wrapped wedding present picked up especially for you! Let’s make a wonderful  photo journalistic documentary out of you love to each other and our passion to capture it!

 Our goal is to listen to our clients so we can better translate and document their stories of love and emotion. Allows us to capture yours!

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We listen to our clients to understand their vision and translate them into well told visual stories. With thousands of happy clients, we almost know what is your desire about a Wedding Photo & Video

Pro Lux Studio provided photography and video services for our wedding this September. We found Michael and his team very friendly, professional and creative. Michael listened to us, showed us a variety of choices and provided multiple ideas for our love story. On the day of our wedding, the team came on time and we had a fun experience from beginning to end.

Jasmine and Alex

Michael was AMAZING! He was caring and considerate, creative and attentive. He was very polite and took the time to talk and email a lot ahead of the Wedding day, so he could deliver just what we wanted

Divi Studio

We have used Prolux Wedding Studio several times and we were very happy that we have chosen their services. The whole crew was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, creative and easy to work with. Affordable wedding photographer cost. They were able to capture our wedding so beautifully!

Grigory David

Prolux Studio is the absolute best. We used them for our wedding 3 years ago and recently we did family photos. His pictures and videos are beyond gorgeous and it is a true pleasure working with them. We’ve already booked him for our next event in May!




CEO  & Founder


Michael left a profitable 20-year Wedding Photographer career to follow an artistic path based on the passion of branding, creativity and visual storytelling His exceptional leadership talents, filmmaking expertise, and networking abilities drive production and inspire all the crew.


Creative Director


Demonstrating expertise in visual direction, artistic innovation, and brand positioning while excelling in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Porfessional Event Photographer.


Post-Production guru


Dane is Pro at wedding video editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, making your story high quality and cinematic. Started as a Freelance videographer and became a team member in very short time!




Vlad is skilled at using advanced cameras and techniques for shooting cinematic wedding videos. Has exceptional ability to bring the artistry and imagination to videos which will definitely help us in creating inspiring and creative videos – no matter what is wedding photographer cost

Event photos price


Every Brooklyn Wedding is unique and needs a unique approach. It’s not only about fabulous dresses, gorgeous wedding cake and sweet-sounding music. Your wedding is about you! What we try to do is to capture your personal experience through lenses of our cameras. We know you are probably stressed out with taking control of everything.

Let’s narrow down your focus and get more specific. Contact us to learn more about our Wedding Photographer Packages, Videographer packages. Do you want pre-wedding photography? Would you like a Drone shooting? How many wedding videographers you need? We have different packages and additional services. Please leave your email and download full pdf of our packages and detailed descriptions. 

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Love can’t be described in words but it surely can be caught in images!

Our aim is to catch those magical moments of love you feel and express …towards your significant other, towards your friends and family gathered all together to celebrate the very best day of your life. This is wedding photographer cost.

Enjoy your special day to the fullest, exchange vows, get emotional with your parents, be yourself and let us take care of keeping your memories fresh and bright over decades. Also see our Indian wedding photography nj package 

Let us capture your happily ever after! Let your love story inspire those who didn’t have a courage to propose yet.

Your wedding is already a beautiful portrait. Let us capture the naturalness of the moment.


More about us.

We are a group of Brooklyn photographers and videographers with more than 20 years of experience on Wedding Photography. We think that working with the people on their special days is the best job in the world. The energy of content couples, the excitement of the big moment and the joyfulness of the whole family keeps us motivated and energized.

We fully understand that each of our customers can have individual and unique taste and specific expectations from us. Our goal is to fully respond to each of the expectations, to study your aspiration and do our best to fulfill it.

We greatly appreciate cultural traditions of each family in New York City. It’s a huge honor for us to become a part of your genuine story, to experience the beauty of your culture, to witness and more importantly to reproduce those elements through the photography and videography. Learn more about our wedding photographer cost

Let’s find the Best Wedding photo and video Package for you!



Our Video and photo agency Located in Brooklyn and Manhattan. So we can easily make our way to all five boroughs. Always feel free to come to our office and meet the team. Discuss wedding photographer cost

Manhattan Office   212 300-3521

Brooklyn Office       917 689-6279