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How to choose the best wedding videographer for your special day?

Hi, there gorgeous bride to be! Right now I know there is nothing on your mind, but to look incredibly stunning on your wedding day and find a good wedding videographer. Of course, we all at least once have such a beautiful and memorable day in our lives. The precious memories of a wedding day last forever. So everyone desires and pray they collect some of the most beautiful memories always to cherish. There are several nerves wrecking arrangements required in the wedding preparations. You need to arrange the caterers, venue, dresses, invitations along with a good photographer and videographer.

So have your book yourself a videographer?

Well, I very well know that the decision regarding booking a videographer for your wedding movie is by far the most crucial one. Trust me, no one remembers what happens at a wedding long enough, but the video remains for almost forever. So got with no other choice but choosing only the best for the job. In this blog, I am going to give you some tips and tricks to hire the best man for the job.

  • Collect as many references as possible:

Well, you can start your journey by asking for advice from your newly wedded friends and relatives. I am sure they would love to show off their wedding album to you. Collect as many references as you can and then all you have to do is to sit down with you man and go through all the portfolios.

  • Watch the work:

If you are getting confused between few videographers, then you can ask them to show their work to you. And by work, I am not refereeing to some well-cropped bits from the whole film but the whole wedding film. Watch their work correctly and then decide accordingly.

  • Check out websites:

While you are going through the weddings films the similar thing, you have to do with their websites as well. TRUST ME you can learn a lot about the creative sense and the style of the videographer from the website. If they have a well-organized and highly innovative website, then this means he has a strong knowledge base about technology.

  • Discuss your wedding ideas:

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Hey beautiful! Your wedding day is a day you get all the attention in the world. So why not to discuss each and everything with the wedding videographer extensively. Let them know what you have in mind. How you want your wedding video. You can choose to make a documentary, a storytelling style or maybe a simple and traditional wedding film. CHOOSE WISELY!

It will be the best thing for both of you and the videographer if you have a meeting before the wedding. You can clear your ideas about how the video should be made, what particular song you want, and also about the venue. Discussing everything before the wedding will make the job of videographer easy.

The wedding day is a day to be remembered and cherished forever, so my advice to you is to bring everything to the table with your videographer and make everything clear. I hope these tricks work for you.

        Happy wedding planning to you.

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