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 Wedding is all about timeless love, magnificent scenery and natural emotions. For a photographer it’s a truly win-win situation when the location of the wedding has already natural, scenic beauty. So, all we have to do is to focus on capturing the beauty of the nature along with saying something special about the lovely couple getting married.

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Hudson Valley Wedding PhotographyWith its spectacular scenery , New York’s Hudson Valley has been named one of best places in the world to visit. The landscape is stunningly beautiful and calming.  With romantic riverside and gorgeous surroundings this destination makes you speechless.

That’s  why we chose Hudson Valley wedding photography as a job! We appreciate the beauty of the nature and we get extremely excited about capturing the most special day of our your  life. We feel privileged to have the most amazing job in the world. Therefore, we honestly try to do our job as good as possible.


Nature inspired wedding theme is our favorite kind of photography. It gives us an opportunity to combine two of the most romantic photography genres: love story and nature photography. Should it be a simple wedding with the most organic decorations such as popular rustic themed or a fancy, glamorous wedding that comes with loads of sparkle and enormous yet elegant wedding cake.

We are here to fulfill your desire. We are a team of open minded, flexible photographers and videographers who aim to narrate the best out of day.

Beautiful wedding photographs show love, emotion, and are not posed.



Wedding photographers Orange county ny aim to showcase your special day in all of its absolute beauty! Displaying nature’s beautiful landscape will give your wedding day it’s richness and everything will seem even more sentimental and magical!

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life. Let us visually narrate your special day and make your memories unforgettable.

Our experienced photographers and videographers are eager to portrait your timeless love and joyful smiles. There is something so effortlessly tender about Hudson Valley weddings! Our Hudson Valley professional photographers know every part of the county. We are perfectly aware of every tiny little spot you would love to have as a background!

We will share those hidden gems exclusively with the happy couple! 


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What can better than escape to nature during chaotic wedding preparations?

Hudson Valley Wedding photoshoot will give you mindfulness and it truly is the best way to relax and enjoy your love.  Just imagine, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, whatever you put your gaze on is extraordinary beautiful. You are surrounded by your most favorite people on Earth. It already sounds as the most joyful experience.


But also there is a professional photographer who is following you everywhere and picturing your warm memories. So you don’t need to worry about having a cellphone around and interrupting the joy by rushing to take a photo and post it online.

For the first time you are there only to enjoy the moments of happiness and bliss. This is your day of relaxing and being yourself! Hudson valley portrait photographers will be there capturing the moments that warm your heart.

Let Hudson Valley wedding photography make a piece of art out of your special day!

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Besides Wedding photography we specialize in Hudson Valley Nature Photography. Should it be a perfect picnic day in the woods or evening hike towards sunset with your beloved ones. Let it be family photography. You can trust you babies first hikes to Hudson valley Family photographers.

Isn’t it one of the picturesque moments when babies reconnect with the Nature? By following each bug, touching each leave or smelling their first flower from the ground.. We capture your favorite memories. And we do it in the most professional way using the newest technologies. Hudson Valley Nature Photography will make you laugh and cry all the way through gallery.

With over 2 decades of experience Prolux Production is one of the best at photography. Learn more about our following packages: Hudson Valley Nature Photography, Hudson Valley Wedding Photography, Hudson Valley Portrait photography, Orange County NY Wedding Photography and more. Let us know which theme works for you.

We are excited to work with you!

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