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Traditional wedding ceremonies involve a great number of preparations. The morning of the wedding day is one of the main events of Jewish Wedding. Our team of photographers and videographers are excited to film the joyful, relaxed morning preparation routines of the bride and groom. The nervous laughs of the bride while getting dressed, the excitement of the groom before seeing his other half in a white dress. Speaking of the white dress! Isn’t it the most memorable dress bride will ever wear? That’s the reason why photographers should have a very special approach to capturing the dress and style in it’s all beauty! We encourage our customers to be open in their requests and share their ideas with the photographers.

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Traditions and customs help us stick together, to build a family and to make this planet better place to live in. With rituals we start to embrace our cultural identity from the first step we take. Each culture is beautiful, authentic and unique. Each culture deserves a special attention. Being Jewish wedding photographers our aim is to help Jewish marriage rituals and traditions stay alive and brighten our days.

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We are proud to serve the Jewish community. We offer the best prices for Photography services in Brooklyn. We know Jewish traditions and understand how to shoot the most beautiful moments of Bar Mitzvah, Hair Cutting and After Party. Our Photographers and videographers enjoy being a part of the community and serve the community. Feel free to reach us and tell about your event. We will be happy to offer you unique Jewish wedding photographers package and discuss every little detail!

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As a Jewish photography service in Brooklyn, we already delivered more than 2000 Jewish wedding videos to new happy families. We know Jewish venues and can help you with finding the best places to make your special day perfect! We know which Jewish songs to put into our videos, we understand Jewish culture and exactly know which special effects to use in our wedding photos and videos. We have a connection with  Jewish businesses and can help you find the best deals related to Jewish weddings. In our Photography work, we use the best cameras in the market and deliver high-grade premium photo and video product.

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Our services don’t end with Jewish weddings we also do Jewish family photos, Jewish events videos, Mazel moments. All kind of special days you want to be shot. We de Jewish religious day shootings too. Please come to our office or just call us to get the fresh information about our deals. Newborn and kid photography has a promo discount.

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Michael left a profitable 20-year career to follow an artistic path based on the passion of branding, creativity and visual storytelling. His exceptional leadership talents, filmmaking expertise, and networking abilities drive production and inspire all the crew.



Demonstrating expertise in visual direction, artistic innovation, and Jewish event Photography positioning while excelling in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.



Dane is Pro at editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert light effects, working with bliks and colors, making your Bar Mitzvah story high quality and cinematic



Vlad is skilled at using advanced cameras and techniques for shooting Jewish events in New-York. Has exceptional ability to bring the artistry and imagination to photos which will definitely help us in creating inspiring and creative products.

We care about little details! The joy you spread to the world, the warmth of the big day should be captured in the photos and videos.

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Pictures are great accessories to your house. They will shine on the wall in your apartment or will make a good wallpaper for your smartphone, making you emotional from time to time. However the video doesn’t just capture the spectacular moments as pictures do. Wedding video tells the whole story of your wedding day from beginning to the end.  It’s a great entertainment when you have family and friends over. It perfectly reflects the mood of the day, the feelings you went through. It’s a great memory to once share with your children. Our videographers are specialized in all kind of wedding videos  from documentary-style to cinematic to traditional. With the best video equipment and experienced and enthusiastic camera operators we try our best to create the most memorable content. Rely on our professionals and enjoy your fairytale!

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Wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in the life of the Jew. Starting a family before God guarantees the physical and spiritual survival of humanity by creating communities that reflect divine law. Common rituals of a Jewish wedding are simple: a ketubah (marriage contract), a wedding canopy (chuppah), a ring given to the bride by the groom under the canopy, and the glass breaking ceremony. Our Jewish Wedding Photographers are trained to carefully capture each of the most important momentos you will showcase. We truly believe that there are dozens of little rituals and traditional aspects of the Jewish wedding that should be caught by the eye of someone from the community, who fully understands and respects the values of being a Jew.

There is something very magical about the old traditions that live for hundreds of years. Today, in this modern world old wedding traditions and ceremonies remind us the value of true love and they help us to stay connected to our ancestors. Family traditions give us an opportunity to reconnect with the history of the world, in this case, the  history of Jewish people. This connection helps our community to grow stronger. Even though Jewish Wedding is much related to the historical and spiritual identity of human being, it’s still mostly about the miraculous love between two. The main important duty of the Jewish Wedding videographers is to capture this energy, to focus on the happy couple and their magical love story. While following the incredibly beautiful Jewish Wedding traditions photographers and videographers are also concentrated in highlighting all the special moments of love and tenderness. We do our best to catch the very priceless moments of your special day, such as the sensitive conversation between bride and her mom, happy laughs of groom with his friends, the wonderful feast that marriage brings!

Jewish wedding traditions has lived through the centuries. Being Jewish wedding videographer and photographers based in New York, our main goal is to recreate those traditions for those who live the City and help the long-established customs to represent a critical piece of Jewish culture. 

We offer our customers special Jewish Wedding videographer and Jewish Wedding photographer packages that will fit any budget! If you are looking for the Jewish wedding videographer and photographers based in New York step by and get your own price based on your personal requirements. We are working with the Jewish community for over two decades now, we are fully aware of your expectations and our ongoing experience helps us to become more successful in fulfilling your dreams.

Traditional weddings are so special with all the beautiful and authentic attributes. We would love to document all of the fascinating nuances and elements of your special day in the most creative way possible.

Treat your love story! Let us create romantic memories of your Ketubah Singing. This ceremony is the most special moment of the Jewish wedding when all of the family members and friends gather around the bride and groom. The happy couple will always want to remember all the tiny little bits of the ceremony. Our photographers and videographers are trained to catch those moments in the most traditional yet again, creative way.

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