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Bar Miztvah Bat Mitzvah

Photography and Videography

We are proud to serve Jewish community. We offer the best prices for Photography services in Brooklyn. We know Jewish traditions and understand how to shoot the most beautiful moments of Bar Mitzvah, Hair Cutting and After Party. Our Photographers and videographers enjoy being a part of community and serve the community. Feel free to reach us and tell about your event. We will be happy to offer you unique package and discuss every little detail!

Jewish Weddings

Wedding Photography & Videography

As a jewish photography service in Brooklyn we already delivered more than 2000 jewish wedding videos to new happy families. We know jewish venues and can help you with finding the best places to make your special day perfect! We know which jewish songs to put into our videos, we understand jewish culture and exactly know which special effects to use in our wedding photos and videos. We have connection with  jewish businesses and can help you find the best deals related to jewish weddings. In our Photography work we use the best cameras in market and deliver high grade premium photo and video product.

Jewish Events Photography

New -York Jewish Event Photographer.

Our services doesn’t end with jewish weddings we also do jewish family photos, jewish event videos. All kind of special days you want to be shot. We de Jewish religious day shootings too. Please come to our office or just call us to get the fresh information about our deals. Newborn and kid photography has a promo discount.