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Unlike pure western marriages, the weddings in India comprise of several traditions, and the celebrations continue for several days. However, what if you have to plan an authentic Indian wedding in somewhere else, for example, in the New York? How can we arrange a memorable experience of Indian marriage while not being in India physically?

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Weddings in all cultures around the world are the most momentous and unforgettable event of someone’s life. However, the region of South Asia, especially India, is sanctified with various colorful civilizations and cultural beliefs.

Being a indian wedding videographer and photographer in New York, you are not supposed to have the real idea of what is it to photograph an Indian wedding. However, once you enter into this world, I bet you hardly resist your temptation.  If you are not an Indian, but you want to be the best New York Indian wedding photographer, then here are some exhilarating tips for you to follow. However, first, let’s just talk about some of the fun facts related to a typical Indian wedding as you have to plan your photography according to them.

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Fun facts about Indian Weddings

  • Prolonged Indian celebrations:

The first and the foremost thing which you have to keep in mind is that Indian wedding means an event of the Fiesta which lasts for several days. A typical Indian wedding may comprise of several ceremonies that may continue for three days. Let’s have a look at each of them individually.

  • Ganesh Pooja:

On the first day of the wedding, there is a special prayer arranged for the bride and the groom. This ritual is attended only by the families of the bride and groom and some of the close relatives.

  • Mehndi:

The next day of the wedding is the day for preparing the bride for her big day. All the friends and cousins of the bride arranged a hand painting event where they decorate their hands with henna. 

  • Sangeet:

On the same day in the evening, a Sangeet ceremony is arranged for celebrating the occasion. Dance performances and songs are prepared primarily related to the wedding to express the happiness and love for the couple.

  • The main day indian wedding:

Then comes the main day of the wedding, starts with the wedding procession from the groom’s place and arrived in an entirely lavish manner to the wedding hall.

  • The pheraas:

It is considered to be the central ritual of a wedding. The couple walks around the sacred fire, reciting the promises to be there for each other throughout life for Seth Janams. They do so by making the holy light of Mandap a witness of their pledge.

  • The bidai:

Although the whole Indian wedding is a full emotional roller coaster ride, where every kind of emotions is present. However, the most poignant part of an Indian wedding like any other wedding is the departure of the bride or Bidai.

  • The reception:

The groom and his family throw a reception for celebrating the happiness and to cheer the new couple a happy wedded life.

A typical Indian wedding is the real example of vibrant and colorful Indian culture. The whole marriage is the compilation of several rituals and traditions.

An Indian wedding varies from a wedding in any other culture based on the duration of the celebrations. If you are trying to photograph a wedding ceremony in New York, then be prepared for several days’ long celebrations.