Newborn Photography NYC

Best Newborn Photography NYC – Prolux Production. We adore babies and shooting family photos for more than 25 years. Michael knows how to find those intimate, unique moments and capure them. The Most Awareded newborn photography service in NYC. We bring all props and decoration. Please fill out the form and we will send you our quote.

“Babies are the greatest blessing that parents get in their life”

Proluxproduction is a premiere Newborn Photography NYC studio that is based in NYC, Brooklyn and New Jersey. The goal of photographers at our studio is to capture your life’s most beautiful experience through the lens of your cameras- YOUR NEWLY BORN.

The moment that every parent wants to cherish forever-We at Proluxproduction understands and help the parents to portraits their children. The warm feet and hands of a roughly two or three weeks newborn can soothe everyone heart so why not to capture that smoothness in a picture?

We welcome all the parents to cherish the happiest moment of their life with the most desirable services- Newborn Photography NYC.

We have been in this industry for the past many years and have shot more than enough successful photoshoots of newborns.

Why choose Proluxproduction as Newborn Photography NYC?

There are many reasons to choose us as your premiere newborn photoshoot service providers.

  • Our photographers are experienced and child-friendly:

To get the highest resolution and perfect shots, it’s necessary to have great communication between photographers and the models. Our professional photographers know how to handle newborns with care, and love. They treat all newborns as their own and this is something that creates a great bond between them. The photographers are highly well-mannered, soft-spoken and always show patience because a perfect shot can never be captured with a single click. This is where our professionals show their magic.


Newborn Photographer


Michael left a 25-year career to follow an artistic way based on the passion of photography, family and newborn photography. His exceptional photo talents, filmmaking expertise, and networking abilities drive production and inspire all the crew.


Creative Director


All newborn photos need professional touch in visual direction, artistic innovation, and brand positioning while excelling in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Sergei retouches all baby photos after family photoshoot.


Family photographer 


Dane is Pro at editing  footage to cut scenes, insert effects, working with colors, making your story high quality and photo journalistic. Working with props and baby photography effects.


Maternity photographer


Vlad is skilled at using advanced cameras for shooting babies. Has exceptional ability to bring the artistry and imagination will definitely help us in creating inspiring and creative family photos.

  • The best prices that you can get:

Another main reason to choose us as your local photography service providers is our highly flat prices for all. You don’t need to worry about your budget as we understand this is the most beautiful profession that we have chosen and we don’t want parents to let their feelings down due to package prices. So get in touch with the Newborn Photography NYC Company and get the best competitive prices for our services. Every shot needs and requirements always vary so we only love to discuss prices when customers contact us so that they only pay for what they need.

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  • We do photography fast and in a unique manner:

We don’t take your whole day, which can frustrate you as well as irritate newborn. That is why we target our aim and follow the decided schedule and work accordingly. We get all props and decorations with us to get the photoshoot highly unique and memorable. These props and decorations all are safe and chosen by keeping in mind the newborn safety and health.

  • We do print versions, hardcovers:

We provide our customers with both options; printed versions and hardcovers. That allow them to choose the one that perfectly suits their requirements. We usually show 50 different styles for a photo shoot to choose the unique theme for their newborn. We give enough time to parent to choose the best style for their memories.

What else can you expect from a professional Newborn Photography NYC company? Hire the experts for your Lil’ masters. Connect with us via mail or give us a call.