How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Your wedding! The most precious day of life. Many wedding videographers are hired to record the unforgettable moments of the wedding.

Wedding Videographer Cost varies between $1500 – $5000 average – But it’s important to know what you are paying for. 

It’s essential to choose only the right professionals for your wedding video or any other event including engagement party, ceremony and reception, day-of preparation and much more. With quality, the size of wedding ceremony also matters so always need to choose multiple videographers according to size.

However, there are many crucial elements that need to consider. How much does wedding videography cost? Well, the wedding videographer cost counts on various factors.

How much my wedding Photography & Videography will cost? 

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The calculation is simple if you need a videographer for more time, then surely cost will be higher. We know how much your wedding ceremony is important to you and you want to capture each moment. More time in videography means more need of editing and reviewing in the studio so the overall cost will be according to time efforts and services. The wedding videographer cost varies from company to company.

wedding videographer cost

Number of videographers

Every bride and groom wants to capture every angle, pose and moment of his and her special day. This will require more videographers because it’s impossible for a single videographer to do it.   More than one videographer means the more wedding videographer cost per employee at the company. As the company has to pay each videography for the employee’s effort and time, so the cost will be higher. For more cameras requested, the cost will be decided but Prolux Production gives cost edge here and offers the most affordable packages.


Different videography companies offer to vary services packages thus it becomes difficult to choose among the best. Here stands the most experienced and affordable company- Prolux Production who offer the cost-effective photoshoot and videography services for desired coverage. We offer two different wedding day packages.

wedding videographer cost

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wedding videographer cost

Average Video Package : $1600

  • High-quality photoshoot during and after the wedding ceremony. This package includes highlight requested by the wedding couple of the day
  • Two advance cameras for high-quality pictures with audio equipment
  • On demand 4 to 5-minute video edit to a favorite song of the couple’s choice. A complete 45-50 minute raw edit for covering the whole special event
  • Special recordings of the well-wishers/wishes to the lovely couple

Better Quality Package: $2250

  • The two experienced videographers
  • An amazing Aerial Videography
  • Requested footage during and after the marriage ceremony. These can be highlights etc.
  • Two superb quality HD cameras with audio equipment
  • A short DVD of a 3-4 minute with song editing service request by the couple and also 45-50 minute entire event raw editing
  • Delightful Footages/recordings of good wishes to the couple

Video Equipment

The worth of equipment also matters. For high-quality video recordings, aerial videography and all other services, there always need of advanced equipment which means more cost for the overall event. Moreover, the cost of maintaining the equipment is also redirected to the overall cost of customers.

Additional services

For special effects, raw footage and extremely amazing highlight reels, there will be standard videography packages offered by different companies. However, each add-on service will individually cost and thus the overall price sometimes exceeds the estimation. But this is not the case with Prolux Production Company as we offer a bundle of different packages to the clients. So if you are looking for the most competitive wedding videography cost by the most professional production house, then Prolux Production is your one-stop-shop!

So if you are looking for the most professional videographers then Prolux Production is the best among all in the area.

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One more important thing is your wedding dress. It’s easy  to find a good dress for a Bride. But for a groom there are not that much market. If you are interested in how to wear black on your party you can find the best information on casual outfits for men.

No matter how much wedding videography cost but have in your mind that it’s the most important part of your wedding. I know you wont agree with me but think about it?

Who will remember the cake on your wedding or your dress after 2 years? Even very close friends actually don’t remember first dance song on wedding day.

So after a while everybody forgets and the only connection with that amazing day is your wedding video. Thats why it is important to know all wedding costs and decide how much you are willing to pay for the main part of your event.

After a little research you will come up with the same conclusion. Wedding videography and photography are the most valuable thing.

Wedding Photography NYC  and videographers capture the special memories of life and love and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. While the couple, family and friends are blown away by the sweetest moments witnessed from the vows, first kiss, dance, and etc., having every moment filmed is truly a priceless benefit by having an Affordable wedding photographers NYC and videographers. There are numerous moments on the wedding day and these are documented to create a unique story and reliving it year after year that will make you reminisce the love that you felt during that beautiful day.

Some couples tend to skip the extra Wedding videographer cost and risk in capturing little mishaps during the day and rather keep an Average cost of wedding photographer but there are lots of professional and Affordable wedding photographers NYC and videographers that are trained to get good results no matter what. They know exactly what they are doing and they can definitely piece together just the right music and effect that would accommodate everything you want to achieve. All you just have to do is to trust that your Affordable wedding photographers NYC  and videographers will make your wedding day be that one movie you and your family will never get tired of watching.

How much does Wedding Videographer cost?


The wedding videographer cost depends on the level of expertise and experience. Extra costs such out of town fees would also be added depending on the weddings location. In the US, the wedding videographer cost added ranges between $1,000 to $2,500.


What factors impact Wedding videography prices?


There are lots of factors that would greatly impact the Wedding Videography prices. This includes time, number of staff, final product, location, and add-ons. Most Wedding Videography prices are determined on the amount of time the videographer will have to spend at your wedding. Other events such as rehearsal dinner that is not covered by the Wedding video prices packages will most likely to cost you more. Main videographers may bring 3 to 4 assistants to shoot on your wedding. The more staff are needed the higher Wedding Videography prices is likely to be.


During the inquiry, a range of Wedding video prices packages will be given to the couple to choose from. If you wish to have raw clips, highlight reel, or anything beyond the package, this would most likely to add to the Wedding video prices packages. Add-on such as drone footage, DVDs, USB drives, and extra effects could also add an extra cost for Wedding video prices packages.


How much is the Average cost of wedding photographer?


The average cost of wedding photographer also depends on many factors. The weddings location, as well as the type of package, will cost you more in the wedding photographer cost. The photographers’ experience and level of expertise also greatly affect rates. The wedding photographer cost ranges between $1,200 to $3,000 and the average cost of wedding photographer is $2,000. This rate is most likely to comprise the Affordable wedding photographers NYC.

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Benefits of Hiring Wedding Videographer NJ  and NYC Wedding Photographer

Capturing your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment that you can live on forever. There is so much to take in during the wedding day like the ceremony, the vows, the first dance and all of the little details that were planned long before the big day. The little things that make the feeling totally worthwhile.  

It captures every sound and movement

There are emotional parts of the wedding day that creates a more expressive impact when captured on a video than still photos. With Wedding Videographer NJ, there is nothing like hearing the gasp, witnessing the first look of your spouse, your mom and dads’ happy tears, the couple’s first kiss, and the amazing dance moves from your guests. It freezes the exact moment in time that you can get to see and hear again and again that photographers cannot capture. For as beautiful as photos can be produced by NYC Wedding Photographer, you’ll never get another chance to see and hear your loved ones deliver those special moments unless it was captured on film. There are just so many memories that are too rare and too sweet not to be filmed!

It captures the emotions of the day

There are so many hours in the day and it is important to capture each and every moment of your big day too and create an emotional and inspiring movie. Wedding video companies set the music and will share a memorable story from the preparation to the end of the day.

Share the video to the people who couldn’t make it

It may be sad to think that there are some friends and family members that might not make it to your wedding because of inevitable reasons. Having to film your wedding day will allow your loved ones who weren’t able to make it feel like they were there and they get to experience the emotion that they couldn’t experience in still photos. Videos can now easily be posted and shared online.

You’ll get to see moments you might have missed

There are so many things that will be happening during your wedding day and it can go very quickly. You may not be able to see everything, especially with your spouse since you get to prepare separately. By having a Wedding video companies they will make sure that you won’t miss anything during your special day. From the flower girls walking down the aisle, the mother and father and your guests shedding tears on your vow, you get to watch all the moments that make your heart melt. It allows you to see the moment as though you were really there with your family and guests. A wedding videographer helps you see and hear the moments that you were not able to experience on your wedding day.

You’ll be creating a family heirloom

Your wedding videos are a momentous heirloom that you can pass down for generation. Your children can pass it on their children and they will get to know your family in a personal way. They would also get to know the extension of your family and to experience the best days of your life that cannot be experienced in photos. For traditional weddings, your future generation will be able to witness the family tradition and pass down important insights. Having your wedding day filmed is a priceless gift that you can give to yourself and your family for them to live on.

Moments to Capture during the Wedding Day by Wedding Photography NYC

The candid and special moments of the bride and groom and their family and friends are the memories that you would want to cherish on your wedding day. Since there are numerous emotional jiffies that could happen on that day, videographers focus on documenting the essential moments that share the overall story of the wedding day.

How much my wedding Photography & Videography will cost? 

Wedding Package Calculator

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Bride Getting Ready

Wedding Photography NYC starts capturing from when the bride starts her hair styled until it reaches her final look. It captures every detail from the dress to every bride essential. Families and friends portray their responsibilities as Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor by helping the bride zip the dress, clasp the shoes, and wear the veil. It also highlights an emotional moment where the parents, grandparents, and friends show genuine emotion as they watch the bride transform.

Groom Getting Ready

Another team of videographers captures the groom as he gets ready just like the bride. Groomsmen and best men create an exciting moment as they support the groom. It also highlights the father as he shows how proud he is with his son. He helps him place his jacket on and gives an inspirational speech to support the son during this special day. Since it only takes less time for the groom to get ready, there can be lots of fun and happy moments that can be filmed with the groom and his squad.

The Essentials

The wedding essentials are highlighted as these are the things that the bride and groom thought into the details for their wedding day. The dress and the shoes of the bride, the wooden hanger, jewelry, cufflinks, bouquet, wedding rings, and other intricate details.

Walking down the Aisle

When the ceremony begins, the wedding entourage walks down the aisle. Videographers capture the moments of the groom, the parents, the flowers girls, ring bearer and wedding party as they prepare the aisle for the bride. This is also one of the most important moment that every couple wishes to be filmed as this is where the bride walks down to meet her husband to be.  

The First Look

There will be two videographers who will focus on the bride and the groom during the first look. The bride will approach the groom as the groom patiently waits for the bride in the altar. This is the moment where everyone is going to be filled with happy tears.

The Ceremony

The site of the ceremony is also one of the things that couples have spent their thought into so it is highlighted in the film. It captures every single detail in the site such as the flowers, aisle, altar, chairs, and the guests arriving. This showcases the point of view of the guests as they give blessings to the couple. There are so many laughter, tears, and love that can be showed in filing the ceremony.

The Vow

The bride and groom taking their vow are one of the essential moments that is focused on every wedding film. It showcases the emotional promises that the couple vows to take into their marriage and this shows the genuine emotions that flow through the hearts of the bride and groom and as well as the audience.

The First Kiss

Once the bride and the groom say their vows, the videographers capture the first kiss which is a symbolic act of the bride and the groom of their love, devotion, and respect to one another. The videographers will make sure that this special moment will be filmed at every angle.

The Couple

This is the moment where the bride and the groom walk down the aisle as a married couple. It highlights the intimate connection of the couple such as hugging, interlocking their hands, walking side by side, the groom wrapping his arms around her bride and every little moment that would showcase their special connection. This is also a special moment where the couple will get to meet each and every one of their family and friends with their expression of love and joy on their faces.

The Big Exit

While capturing so many emotions swelling when the ceremony starts as the groom, the parents and the guests wait for the bride to arrive, there is also heightened energy when the wedding ceremony comes to an end. Wedding party and guests can throw flower petals and showcases the biggest and happiest smiles for the married couple.

The Reception

The groom and bride are first announced as husband and wife in the introduction at the reception. It films the bride and the grooms’ entrance as they show their joy and excitement in this new path. There could be silly dance moves from the couple and the guests to bring the hall in applause so this is going to be one of the moments to keep an eye for.

First Dance and Traditional Dances

This is one of the emotional moment as this is the bride and the grooms first dance as a married couple. Candid moments in close up and full body are featured showing the heartfelt expression between them. The father-daughter, mother-son dance, and other traditional dances are also filmed in a different approach.

Toast and Wine Ceremony

The wine ceremony symbolizes the drinking of the cup of life and to share life experiences together in bitterness and in sweetness. The family and friends of the married couple also deliver their heartfelt speech in toasts and they are filmed in details. This is the moment where people will be able to get to know the couple from a different perspective and there would be laughter and tears that are too memorable not to film too.

The Couple and the Cake

The cutting and sharing of the cake symbolize the union of the couple and their promise to provide for each other forever. There may be funny moments worth filming as the couple figures out the ways to cut and feed the cake together.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

Taking off a piece from the bride’s outfit which is the garter brings good luck and the tossing of the bouquet will bring good fortune in love and would be next in line to marry. The fun starts when the groom attempts to remove the garter and the crowd waits at the back for the groom to toss the garter to single men and the bride tossing the bouquet to the single women. Facial expressions from the crowd will be filmed as they attempt to catch the bouquet and garter. The two people who won the toss will then be featured together with the bride and groom.

The Celebration

To wrap up the event, most couples take the opportunity to take candid shots for the grand exit. Guests will line up for a firework display and sparkles to bless the couple on their journey. It also showcases the couple’s getaway car to their honeymoon.

With so many things that are happening on the wedding day, many details may pass like a blur. Having your wedding day filmed will serve as a visual keepsake and a lifetime investment that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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