How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Your wedding! The most precious day of life. Many wedding videographers are hired to record the unforgettable moments of the wedding.

Wedding Videographer Cost varies between $1500 – $2500 average – But it’s important to know what you are paying for. 

It’s essential to choose only the right professionals for your wedding video or any other event including engagement party, ceremony and reception, day-of preparation and much more. With quality, the size of wedding ceremony also matters so always need to choose multiple videographers according to size.

However, there are many crucial elements that need to consider. How much does wedding videography cost? Well, the wedding videographer cost counts on various factors.

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The calculation is simple if you need a videographer for more time, then surely cost will be higher. We know how much your wedding ceremony is important to you and you want to capture each moment. More time in videography means more need of editing and reviewing in the studio so the overall cost will be according to time efforts and services. The wedding videographer cost varies from company to company.

wedding videographer cost

Number of videographers

Every bride and groom wants to capture every angle, pose and moment of his and her special day. This will require more videographers because it’s impossible for a single videographer to do it.   More than one videographer means the more wedding videographer cost per employee at the company. As the company has to pay each videography for the employee’s effort and time, so the cost will be higher. For more cameras requested, the cost will be decided but Prolux Production gives cost edge here and offers the most affordable packages.


Different videography companies offer to vary services packages thus it becomes difficult to choose among the best. Here stands the most experienced and affordable company- Prolux Production who offer the cost-effective photoshoot and videography services for desired coverage. We offer two different wedding day packages.

wedding videographer cost

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wedding videographer cost

Average Video Package : $1600

  • High-quality photoshoot during and after the wedding ceremony. This package includes highlight requested by the wedding couple of the day
  • Two advance cameras for high-quality pictures with audio equipment
  • On demand 4 to 5-minute video edit to a favorite song of the couple’s choice. A complete 45-50 minute raw edit for covering the whole special event
  • Special recordings of the well-wishers/wishes to the lovely couple

Better Quality Package: $2250

  • The two experienced videographers
  • An amazing Aerial Videography
  • Requested footage during and after the marriage ceremony. These can be highlights etc.
  • Two superb quality HD cameras with audio equipment
  • A short DVD of a 3-4 minute with song editing service request by the couple and also 45-50 minute entire event raw editing
  • Delightful Footages/recordings of good wishes to the couple

Video Equipment

The worth of equipment also matters. For high-quality video recordings, aerial videography and all other services, there always need of advanced equipment which means more cost for the overall event. Moreover, the cost of maintaining the equipment is also redirected to the overall cost of customers.

Additional services

For special effects, raw footage and extremely amazing highlight reels, there will be standard videography packages offered by different companies. However, each add-on service will individually cost and thus the overall price sometimes exceeds the estimation. But this is not the case with Prolux Production Company as we offer a bundle of different packages to the clients. So if you are looking for the most competitive wedding videography cost by the most professional production house, then Prolux Production is your one-stop-shop!

So if you are looking for the most professional videographers then Prolux Production is the best among all in the area.

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One more important thing is your wedding dress. It’s easy  to find a good dress for a Bride. But for a groom there are not that much market. If you are interested in how to wear black on your party you can find the best information on casual outfits for men.

No matter how much wedding videography cost but have in your mind that it’s the most important part of your wedding. I know you wont agree with me but think about it?

Who will remember the cake on your wedding or your dress after 2 years? Even very close friends actually don’t remember first dance song on wedding day.

So after a while everybody forgets and the only connection with that amazing day is your wedding video. Thats why it is important to know all wedding costs and decide how much you are willing to pay for the main part of your event.

After a little research you will come up with the same conclusion. Wedding videography and photography are the most valuable thing.